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How to use LinkedIn for Business

How to use LinkedIn

LinkedIn seems to still mystify most small business owners and their sales professionals. Most are stuck in the view that LinkedIn is a place for your resume to live and its best use is for when you’re job seeking. Not anymore. LinkedIn has become one of the most powerful tools to network and build your […]

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Learn The “How To’s” of Blogging

Have you been wondering if you should start a blog? Join us on June 9th at 5:30pm for a one-hour workshop on Blogging for Business. Sponsored by the Coachella Valley Women’s Business Center, this seminar will be led by Evy Hanson, owner and creative director at Leap Online Marketing. Whether you’re wondering how to get […]

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Google Adwords Changes

New Adwords screenshots

Google announced on May 5th major changes coming soon to their interface, reporting tools, and usability of their Adwords products. As our mobile use grows, Google is clearly focusing on optimizing the mobile experience for users not only by implementing new organic parameters for mobile search, but also for Adwords. “91% of users look up […]

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5 reasons your website is not ranking well

Website rankings trend

Search engines look at a number of factors when evaluating how to rank your website. Here are 5 important aspects to cover to ensure your website ranks well. 1. Content Search engines “read” every page of your website to determine what services/products you provide, making quality content on your website is crucial. Your homepage should […]

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What is responsive website design?

responsive layout

You may be familiar with the term mobile websites, but are you still wondering what a responsive website is? Don’t worry – you’re not alone. In the “old days” of website design we would typically build websites at a fixed width layout according to current desktop screen standard size. But when affordable large screens, oversized […]

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New Website Launch

California Window and Door

Leap Online Marketing recently launched a new responsive website for California Window and Door based in Palm Desert, CA. The new design features modern elements, clean lines and is based on wordpress programming. The responsive design means that the website design automatically resizes based on what device you are using. This means easy reading and navigation with […]

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Online Marketing Q & A

Desert AdFed AdBam

Last month Leap Online Marketing participated at the AdBam Summit organized by Desert AdFed. Local small business owners were gathered for a day of learning about digital marketing and the summit featured excellent speakers including Peter Buck of Kastner & Partners (behind the innovative Red Bull campaigns) and Brian Jones of LA-based Phenomenon. The day […]

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How to respond to negative Yelp reviews

negative yelp reviews

Yelp can be a powerful tool for small business owners, but unfortunately it’s not one that you yield much control over. The premise for Yelp is that it is community-driven, so Yelp provides few tools for business owners to manage unwanted attention. Occasionally you’ll get negative Yelp reviews and your knee jerk reaction may not be […]

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Website Design Best Practices

As important as it is for the design of your website to be user friendly and on-brand, don’t overlook these important factors in website design: Navigation Navigation is the backbone of your website. Before you even start thinking about designing or redesigning a website, it’s imperative to think through how it makes sense to organize your […]

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Are keywords important for SEO?

In the “old days” of SEO, keywords were an important factor. Meta keywords were added to each page of a website in order to optimize it for search engines. This would in turn help the search engines recognize what the website was all about so it could categorize it properly with the help of those […]

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