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Search Engine Optimization

5 reasons your website is not ranking well

Website rankings trend

Search engines look at a number of factors when evaluating how to rank your website. Here are 5 important aspects to cover to ensure your website ranks well. 1. Content Search engines “read” every page of your website to determine what services/products you provide, making quality content on your website is crucial. Your homepage should […]

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Are keywords important for SEO?

In the “old days” of SEO, keywords were an important factor. Meta keywords were added to each page of a website in order to optimize it for search engines. This would in turn help the search engines recognize what the website was all about so it could categorize it properly with the help of those […]

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How to start a blog for your business

Blogging can seem like a daunting task for many businesses but with a clear plan it can be easily mastered. Install A Blog Feature To Your Website If you don’t already have blog on your site you’l need to have a web developer install it on your website. Most Wordpress sites already have a blog feature […]

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How to optimize your Google search

How many times do you search the web and feel overwhelmed by the results? This slideshow from Mashable provides 20 search tips that will help you hone in on finding the exact information you’re looking for. One of my favorites is the simplified plane ticket search. A few of my favorites are to see […]

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How to use FREE Google Tools for Local SEO

You may have noticed when you search for a local business on Google, you’ll often see that the top listings come up with a map next to them and a little marker on the map indicating where they’re located. Now try searching for your business + city name (for instance: Lucy’s Beauty Salon, Springfield). Did […]

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