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Email Marketing

Email Marketing can directly impact your bottom line. An effective campaign can grow you business and help build a connection with potential customers or increase repeat business. At Leap Online Marketing we will develop a communication plan for you and formulate special offers that will be effective. With a branded email template design you’ll be able to reach customers in a new way.

Establish Profitable Relationships
Email marketing allows small businesses to develop personal relationships with prospects and customers. Whether you’re a local brick-and-mortar business or an online company, you can use email to send subscribers directly to your website or business. Links to order pages, special limited time offers, and coupons are all time-tested, measurable ways to generate sales through email.

List Building
A common concern for small business owners is where to get their email list. At Leap we feel strongly that your email marketing is only as good as your list, therefor we help you put systems in place to gather addresses that will yield results. From bill stuffers to website signup forms, building an email list is part of our cohesive online marketing plan for you.