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Our Process

At Leap Online Marketing we follow a strategic approach to design a custom marketing solution just for you. We take you through 5 phases to understand your unique business challenges and implement a solution that will drive measurable results.


During the discovery phase we uncover the challenges the unique challenges facing your business. We listen to your story, experience. and customer knowledge. Through learning about your business and history, together we can agree on measurable goals for success.


During the research phase we plot the competitive landscape, evaluate and define areas of opportunity. We dive deeper into an understanding of the target market to determine how to best reach them.


Based on our findings during the research phase, a strategic digital marketing plan is recommended. Key components will be targeted to address the website and marketing challenges we uncovered during discovery and research.


After agreeing upon the digital marketing plan, goals and metrics, the plan is put into action. As we work our way through checklist items, we are in constant communication with the client, providing frequent updates as we move forward. The initial month is considered a kickoff phase with a high level of project activity. As we move into the maintenance phase, the partnership between Leap and our client remains a priority as we keep working towards our goals.


At Leap Online Marketing we believe that our success lies in the measurable results we achieve for our clients. We provide monthly reports to show our progress towards the set goals. It should be noted that SEO campaigns become increasingly successful as they mature and a minimum of 6 months is recommended before evaluating overall results.