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Pay Per Click Advertising

With Pay Per Click ads, instant traffic is delivered directly to your site. It compliments your existing marketing campaign by testing business models, keywords, and marketplace verticals.

At Leap Online Marketing we deploy strategic Adwords and Facebook pay per click campaigns. As all business owners know the purchase process doesn’t happen in an instant. Consumers research their options carefully online and visit several websites when making a decision. Remarketing ads allows you to stay with your customer during all phases of the decision making process.


By installing a pixel on your website we can keep showing ads for your services long after they’ve left your website.

Our pay per click campaign services include:
• Conversion Tracking
• Landing Pages
• Campaign Improvement Modification
• Keyword Selection and Discovery
• Ad Text Creation and Submission
• Ad Monitoring
• Ad Cost Management
• Campaign Improvement Modification

We want your pay per click spend to be a profit center for your company. So, we report once a month on your
campaign’s success with its text and keyword choices.

Get started today so we can analyze your search engine marketing strategy and build for your company an
AdWords campaign that increases traffic to your site and creates loyal clients.