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Social Media Marketing

social-mediaMore than ever consumers are seeking information and basing decisions on their peers’ advice and opinions. Facebook posts, tweets and online reviews can lead customers to your website. A branded and active presence help solidify the business you’ve worked so hard to build. As part of our cohesive online marketing plan, we develop a communication plan specifically for social media and your audience.

Bringing your business into the social media scene will bring you to the next level and create a whole new way to connect with your market. Social Media is the ultimate tool to increase your visibility and engage in relationships with your customers. Let our online marketing experts do it all for you!

Strategic Social Media Marketing

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, SnapChat… Many businesses want to to it ALL. Before we start working on your social media we’ll determine where you should have a social media presence. By understanding your business and knowing who uses each social media channel, we can recommend the right social media outlets for you.

Building Pages

We build your pages with custom branded graphics that will help get you a following.

Get Likes and Followers

We professionally market your page with creative posts that encourage interaction. Paid boosts and promotions to your target market is included on your plan with us and will help grow your following rapidly.

Communication Strategy

With a custom communication plan for you that will keep new fans and followers engaged and talking about your business. We find content relevant to your industry and post several times a week for you, giving fans a reason to keep returning to your page and sharing content.

Proven Results

Social media is all about the numbers. But not the way you think! Social media success is not only measured by the number of likes or followers you have but how many of those interact with your page and click through to your website to ultimately become real customers. Anyone can post to facebook but to get results you have to know how to reach and engage an audience. By tracking engagement and click throughs to the website and running active campaigns we can directly show you the results of our social media efforts.