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Website Updates

Looking to touch up your website with new photos and text? We can help with that. Over time the content on your website can go stale and it’s important to refresh it with new information.

We offer three plans for website updates:

Pre-paid Updates

Best for cases where you have a lot of updates that need to be done. Save money by pre-paying for 10 hrs and get all the work done at once or over 6 months.


This makes sense if you only have a couple of small updates. We’ll review the changes you have and estimate how long it will take to make the updates.

Monthly Plan

If you have consistent website update needs like calendar event updates, photos or listing updates, it might make sense to have a set monthly fee. It makes it easier to budget for your website work and you’ll have a direct contact with our support team to handle all your needs. Most of our support requests are handled within 24 – 48 hrs.

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